The planning of new factories, or the restructuring of existing sites, is a mammoth task for any manufacturing company.  The decisions that are made during this planning have long-term consequences and later changes are only possible with enormous time and resources. And sometimes they are not reversible at all. Therefore, factory planning should be done with the maximum possible care and professionalism. Multiple factors need to be considered.

Surimi Tech limited helps companies in the surimi industry in the process of planning of factories and logistics networks. We actively support the entire project implementation as far as the manufacturing ramp-up and onboarding of local suppliers. Our services in detail:
Location search and selection

  • Infrastructure, regulatory environment, economic development
  • Local labour market and supplier structures

Manufacturing and logistics concepts

  • Optimisation of process chains and value streams in production and assembly
  • Plant, factory and logistics planning
  • Supplier selection and integration, planning of inventory management concepts

Implementation support and HR development

  • Supplier selection and coordination
  • Support during manufacturing ramp-up
  • Project controlling and project management.


Our surimi factories:



Ngoc Tuan Surimi

Tâm Phương Nam

Tam Phuong Nam

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