Founded in 2001 by Pascal Guenneugues, T.I.G.E.R Ltd is a group of more than 10 member companies around the world. Our main business activities include seafood trading (surimi, fish & seafood), surimi producing, surimi ingredients, surimi machinery manufacturing and factory consulting.


Future Seafood Group, founded in 2001 to support raw material supply to the Seafood industry in Europe, has grown into a leading supplier of seafood worldwide with offices or representatives in North and South America, European Union, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and China.

Surimi Tech Limited (Hong Kong/Vietnam): Consulting in surimi processing, Factory and Business Audit, Quality control, Development of New Technology, Development of new Machinery for Surimi Processing

Ngoc Tuan Surimi Co Ltd: Production started by mid-2015 (factory rental), company established January 2016. Investment: 1.5 million USD in assets (surimi machinery) + 2.5 million USD in working capital. Production in 2016: 2,400 MT –2017 : 5,200 MT –2018 : 7,000 MT –2019 : 10,000 MT (target)

Tam Phuong Nam (DL 79): Tam Phuong Nam was established by Mr Tam in 2016 with a capital of 50 Billion VND. With the support of Future Seafood, Tam Phuong Nam purchased the factory Vinh Nguyen Seafood Limited (DL 79), upgraded the existing surimi line of the factory and installed a freezing tunnel for IQF products.

Atlantika (France): specialized in ingredients for surimi products: colorings, flavors, starches, egg white powder.



Pascal GUENNEUGUES, Ph. D. in Chemical and Food Engineering, has over 25 years experience in the surimi industry.